Highlands United Methodist Church is located near the banks of the San Jacinto River, in East Harris County, Texas. We are so happy to share more about us. We are a body of believers in Christ that has 60-80 in attendance at our Sunday worship service.

We have a mission to be the hands and feet of Christ embracing our community with His love. We believe in the Methodist doctrine, with the following values: Priority of Prayer, Passionate Worship, Individual Worth, Personal Transformation, and Christian Action.

The characteristics in the life of the individual that reflect the accomplishment of our mission include: studying and praying daily, being a loving servant of the Lord and giving generously, leading others to Christ, Sharing personal testimony, being a vital part of our church family, and walking the walk daily. 

We offer multiple ways to help each individual reach these mission measures. Please explore our site, our campus, and our worship services to learn more about what makes Highlands United Methodist Church such a special, caring organization of believers.