There is something about this church.
There is something about this church. You can feel it right when you walk in the door. Even when the church is empty and quiet. There is a wonderful spirit of love, comfort and caring on these grounds
— Laura, 03/03/2015
This church has powerful prayers
This church prays better than any church I have experienced, and as an interim Ministry Specialist I have gotten to know many churches. The members of this church know how to pray, and know how to have their prayers be heard. Their prayers WORK!
— Reverend Patty Bergfield, 02/26/2015
God is in this church every Sunday, We can feel his presence all the time.
— Marianela Morales , 06/18/2017
Effortless Inclusion
"When searching for a church, one of my top priorities was finding a place where my son was excepted. He is special needs and it is difficult, even in the Christian community, to find places that he can be totally accepted no questions asked. The morning we walked in for the first time people came up to us and I did my usual hushed voice explanation of my son's disabilities. The women who greeted us acted like it was nothing. Not in a bad way, they acted in a similar way as if I had just told them his age. There was no concern on their parts at all. They whisked him away to the children's Sunday School class and he loved it."
— Chris, 08/29/2017